2017 Workshops

Margaret’s workshop dataes for 2017 will be announced soon.

A selection of testimonials from participants of previous workshops can be read below.


Labyrinth inauguration, Austinmer, 2015: It was a great honour to have Margaret inaugurate the labyrinth. She brings her love and passion and wisdom and deep relationship she has with the labyrinth to the people. Her soulful nature allows each person to feel safe in their exploration of themselves within the labyrinth.

Margaret spoke to the group about history and purpose of the labyrinth and ways in which to walk it then moved the group to view the labyrinth before walking. She invited participants to view the labyrinth in a way that was wholesome, safe and yet held the magic of the mystery.

The group were students of transpersonal counselling so Marg was able to relate the labyrinth to the student’s transpersonal understanding. Margaret was open, flexible, knowledgeable, caring, present.

Margaret held herself beautifully, maintaining a healthy respect for the clients in an open and relaxed manner whilst managing to provide good duty of care.

Margaret connected in sincere a gracious manner providing the group with any knowledge and answers that were required. She never made any client feel wrong or inferior, being flexible in her approach.

Jo Rockendorfer

Grass 7 circuit labyrinth on property at Austinmer: Margaret’s strengths are passion and compassion. Her innate wisdom , intuitiveness and her sense of ‘knowing’ are her stand out gifts. In the construction of the labyrinth Margaret was clear and concise with a felt sense that was backed by knowledge of the history and layout mathematics of the labyrinth. Margaret is a consummate professional and presents herself in such a way that people will follow her lead.

Wolter Bron

Labyrinth walk using canvas indoor labyrinth to conclude training course for volunteers, palliative care service: Margaret’s style created an atmosphere where participants readily became quietly reflective and respectful to the whole process. Whether people were still walking the labyrinth or had finished there was a connection between them. It was a deeply moving experience. She presented the concepts and historical background to the group in an interactive and engaging manner. The group participated fully and found the experience very reflective.

Whilst the group had a mix of different ethnic backgrounds all had a good grasp of English. Margaret was able to engage in the group in a very inviting and deeply reflective manner. She is engaging, reflective, intelligent, sensitive, warm.

This session was intended to enable participants an opportunity to reflect on their work practice, loss and grief issues which are part of working in palliative care. Her style as a facilitator was warm and engaging and she connected with group. She was professional and well prepared well prepared.

Anne-Marie Traynor