Welcome to my Labyrinths Pilgrimage

My name is Margaret Rainbird and up until recently, I was a palliative care doctor. I continue in my work as a mindfulness teacher, mentor and workshop facilitator. I’ve spent 30 years studying medical disciplines and other healing modalities.

While experiencing a particularly depleted and despairing time in my own life, I found that walking the labyrinth was one of the things that kept me going. This made me committed to bringing this winding and mysterious path to other people enduring similar stresses and challenges.

During my 365 Days tour, I will be travelling to the USA, UK and Europe to visit, document and explore labyrinths that have already been built in healing environments.

I aim to bring back from my tour key insights and strategies for incorporating labyrinths in to healing gardens in the grounds of health care facilities, retreat centres and public spaces.

I will be collaborating with a broad range of institutions and individuals who bring expertise in labyrinth design, construction and facilitation to create exciting new healing spaces in Australia.

The labyrinth has been an important part of my life for over 15 years and I’m committed to creating them as places of healing for other people. Come on my unique adventure with me and help build places of healing and beauty.

Everyone is welcome on my Labyrinths for Life pilgrimage. You may like to follow my journey by subscribing to my newsletter or following me on social media. You may be interested in joining me for a workshop if I am in your local area. Or you may be able to offer financial support to help fund my journey. If you are a media professional, blogger or community manager, you might be interested in helping me spread the world about the power and beauty of labyrinths. However you would like to get involved, I am so pleased to have you be part of this special project that will bring new labyrinth learnings back to Australia in 2018. Thank you for your support.