North Carolina

In Charlotte, North Carolina I got to hang out with the wonderful Catherine Anderson whose talents as a teacher range across labyrinths, soul collage and photography. Her studio felt like a big play room full to the brim with books (we own many in common), coloured papers and spectacular photographs. She shared so generously of her knowledge and resources. I could have hung out in that space for days. Soon after we walked the labyrinth on my first evening there a doe and her fawn wandered into the back garden which adjoins a wooded area. They visited several times over the next couple of days: such an incredibly gentle presence.

We visited some interesting labyrinths including one that was built as a legacy labyrinth to a young woman by her mother in the graveyard of a beautiful old timber church. Apparently the man who laid the bricks was the one who adopted the woman’s daughter.

On a completely different note we were told of one on the site of a filled in swimming pool. It comes complete with a welcome mat, a gate at the entrance and a path that varies between concrete, gravel and woodchip. I have never seen one like it before and thought it was a very clever way of constantly bringing awareness back to the path with the changing textures, colours and sounds as it’s walked.

In the centre was a gazebo with table and chairs. Would have been a great place to hide and read a book.

On August 9th I counted up my labyrinths so far. In 89 days I had walked 86 on the ground and 23 different finger ones!

Call for Sponsors – help bring new Labyrinth knowledge back to Australia

The labyrinth has been an important part of my life for over 15 years but my commitment to creating them as places of healing for other people was strengthened by the important part they played in getting me through a particularly difficult time in life including grappling with anxiety and depression.

Your valued financial contributions will support my 2017 World Tour and allow me to apply my experiences, research and insights to building labyrinths in Australia. Also important is building awareness about the power labyrinths have to help us all heal, reflect and re-calibrate. This will be an additional focus of my work after I complete my tour.

Come on my unique adventure with me and help build places of healing and beauty. Find out more about sponsorship opportunities here. All contributions, no matter how large or small, will be very much appreciated.