Wailing Wall

One little labyrinth that was an absolute highlight was in the back garden of the Center for Grief, Loss and Transition in St Paul. Incorporated into the garden was a Wailing Wall echoing the one in The Secret Life of Bees where the character, May would write her’ big feelings ’on pieces of paper and place them within a stone wall. The invitation was to do the same here with pieces of paper provided.


Snow Paths

One thing I had to be reminded of over and over again was that the outdoor labyrinths are covered in snow in the winter! Hard to believe when it’s hot and humid and green and lush. It would be cool to build a labyrinth with a heating element in the lines so that you had a path of snow to walk.


Sarah’s Oasis

Other interesting labyrinths in this area were the angular one in the courtyard of the Minnesota Institute of Art, the one in the roof top garden of the children’s hospital and the Global Harmony one in the park at Como Park, St Paul which is sister city to Nagasaki. It consists of 2 intertwining hands. Two others that touched my heart were in the grounds of Sarah’s Oasis, a place of refuge for women many of whom are refugees. A large proportion of the refugees who come to this area are from Somalia. Having worked there for 6 months in 1986 I know what lives and conditions these women have come from. It felt like coming full circle to walk that land and send out a wish for their safe resettlement.