Welcome to my Labyrinths Pilgrimage

Hello. Thank your for visiting Labyrinths for Life. My name is Dr Margaret Rainbird. In 2017, I’m setting off on a personal quest to walk a different labyrinth every day for all 365 days!!!

For those of you who don’t know already, a labyrinth is a path for walking for meditation. Unlike a maze, its intention is not to present you with a puzzle to be solved. Although a labyrinth often looks complex and convoluted it has only one path in to the centre and out again. Rather than end up frazzled and frustrated like we may exploring a maze with a labyrinth we have the potential to leave the experience more settled. It can provide a respite from the constant demands of our modern life.

Travel with my on my journey!

Blue Labyrinth Retreat

Auckland Labyrinth Exploration

Colorado Labyrinth Tour

Nevada Trek



Latest from the Labyrinths for Life Blog

Harvested Wisdom

In case it is valuable for other people undertaking something fairly major I will share some of what I learnt through the course of this 12 month process. Share your ‘crazy’ idea out loud (praps not with your accountant and other seriously pragmatic people). Stating...

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Journey’s End

Pilgrimage as a Labyrinth Walk Very aptly my pilgrimage unfolded like a labyrinth walk: There were sharp, unexpected turns: brain tumours and surgery, disintegration of relationship with friend who accompanied me some of the way, family member’s illness Couldn’t see...

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Labyrinths in Gippsland Melbourne

In Lakes Entrance I had the unique experience of walking a labyrinth in an alpaca paddock. These gentle, long lashed creatures stood around listening to the words of the John O’Donohue poem read by Norma Rees at the conclusion of our walk (or they were...

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Drawing labyrinths along the South Coast of NSW

I have travelled thousands of miles and walked hundreds of pre-existing labyrinths but one of my favourite types continues to be one that I have drawn on the beach. Once you know the seed pattern for a labyrinth you can draw it anywhere. One of the...

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Labyrinths in the Blue Mountains

True to my aversion to noisy, crowded cities I have been running away from Sydney on a regular basis over the last few weeks. During a stay in the Blue Mountains I have visited (and weeded) some of my favourite labyrinths: The one that started...

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Labyrinths in Canberra and Tumut

Canberra From its vantage point high on the hills, the labyrinth at the Canberra Arboretum looks out towards parliament house and Lake Burley Griffin. It was among the first that I walked upon returning to Australia. The labyrinth garden is one in a series...

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Bookends to the first six months of my pilgrimage

There were significant bookends to the first 6 months of my pilgrimage. I started out with the the workshop in Chartres in May and my time in the USA ended with the annual gathering of the Labyrinth Society on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound at the end of October....

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California Journal – Labyrinths for Life

In San Francisco I’ve been able to walk two labyrinths that have been on my bucket list for a long while - the one at Land’s End with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and the one inside Grace Cathedral. Land’s End is the first place where I’ve...

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Labyrinths in Colorado and New Mexico

Colorado Springs In Colorado Springs I was once again the recipient of the hospitality of Tracey Kreiling and her family. After walking several labyrinths together Tracey and I agreed that our preferred ones are made of rock, gravel, soil or woodchips and...

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Arizona Dreaming

Tuscon My host and labyrinth ‘tour guide’ in Tucson was the wonderful Lynn Jarzombek. Together we visited beautiful desert labyrinths in church grounds, retreat centers and a resort but my favourite (I know there’s a recurring theme here) was at Peppi’s...

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Labyrinths in Miinnesota: Woodwinds Hospital, Woodbury

Dancing Woman I was keen to visit the Minneapolis/ St Paul/ Hudson area because I had been told it had one of the highest concentrations of labyrinths in the country. This is partly due to the indomitable Lisa Moriarty who is responsible for building a...

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Labyrinths in Chicago and Rockford

Chicago On August 13 I made the journey from the home of alligators, jambalaya, Southern mansions, the occasional confederate flag and majestic Live Oak trees to a highrise building in downtown Chicago where I enjoyed the hospitality of Tracey...

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Labyrinths in South Carolina, USA

South Carolina As I was recovering from my surgery and wondering how I was going to manage this trip I got an image of being passed from the hand of one person to the next. A lot of my progress has been an approximation of that. In going from...

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