Journey to Gotland’s Labyrinths

From London we went on to Gotland, an island off Sweden with a medieval town called Visby which was an important trading port in the Baltic Sea since the time of the Vikings. The island in summer is covered with yellow fields, red barns, old fishing villages, stone Bronze Age burial boats and numerous labyrinths both new and very old.
My favorite ones to walk were by the sea. One at Sodra Hallarna was made of stones and built on stones so that a beautiful click clack sound effect was created by the stones underfoot as you walked it. The  wind off the sea made it an invigorating and cleansing experience.
Another that was very special was also by the water at Folhammer and was a series of interconnecting spirals that we walked in the late afternoon light.
After I had walked the labyrinth near Holmudden Lighthouse on the island of Faro (where Ingmar Bergman lived and made many of his films) I was walking up the white stoned beach when a snake emerged from from the direction of the water and slithered across my path. Was told by the locals that they are rarely seen.
Once again I was walking on the land near the labyrinth by the sea at Nisseviken, also by the sea, when I found a bird carcass with one intact wing. I was told it was a juvenile swan’s wing.