n London I met up with a fellow labyrinth facilitator who was travelling to Gotland, Sweden as well as Ireland with me. Because of recovery from surgery and the time frame within which I had to pack up my life if I was going to get to Chartres by mid May she had done a lot of the organizing of flights, cars and accommodation which was a monumental task.
During our time in London we met up with Jeff and Kimberely Saward, world experts on the labyrinth, who kindly took us around to a variety of different  ones they knew of. The first was at Victory Park in east Shoreditch. It is actually a hybrid labyrinth/maze made out of mirrors. Walking it is a good fun experience and in the centre are countless reflections of yourself (Good metaphor plus potential for the ultimate selfie!).
Another was  at Fen Court garden just off  Fenchurch St in the heart of the legal and financial centre of London (there was a dead rat in the path when we arrived and lots of busy professional people walking right over the labyrinth without even seeing it!) We walked it to the amusement of construction workers sitting with their feet across it having their lunch.
 On the way we also managed to spot some of the ones that are on the London Underground. For the 150th birthday of the Tube an artist Mark Wallinger was commissioned to create a wall plaque labyrinth for each of the 270 Tube stations.