Welcome to my Labyrinths Pilgrimage

Hello. Thank your for visiting Labyrinths for Life. My name is Dr Margaret Rainbird. In 2017, I’m setting off on a personal quest to walk a different labyrinth every day for all 365 days!!!

For those of you who don’t know already, a labyrinth is a path for walking for meditation. Unlike a maze, its intention is not to present you with a puzzle to be solved. Although a labyrinth often looks complex and convoluted it has only one path in to the centre and out again. Rather than end up frazzled and frustrated like we may exploring a maze with a labyrinth we have the potential to leave the experience more settled. It can provide a respite from the constant demands of our modern life.

Travel with my on my journey!

Blue Labyrinth Retreat

Auckland Labyrinth Exploration

Colorado Labyrinth Tour

Nevada Trek



Latest from the Labyrinths for Life Blog

Sandy Robertson’s Labyrinth: Edinburgh

Edinburgh did it’s best with fine Scottish weather when I arrived: cold, wet, windy and miserable so I took refuge in the Surgeons’ Hall Museums. Learnt some fascinating things including the revelation that Arthur Conan Doyle studied medicine and based...

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Rituals and Reflections in Scotland

STRONACHIE LODGE AND DOLLAR After Dunure and Dundee, we visited two friends of Grahame’s: the proud owners of a labyrinth that he built in their garden. Brian and Janette were extremely welcoming people who provided a cuppa and cake as a prelude to our...

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Labyrinths in Scotland

It wasn’t my intention to go to Scotland on this trip. I dearly love the place but research on the labyrinth locator left me with the impression that the labyrinths were few and far flung. Then I was told about Grahame Gardner, a dowser and labyrinth...

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Leaving England

My last two ports in England before departure were Birmingham and Oxford. I attended a labyrinth workshop conducted by Jan Sellers at Woodforde Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham. There, I got to mingle for a day with other labyrinth lovers and learn from...

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More Labyrinths in England – and some learnings

Compton and Guildford On another day we visited the Watts Memorial Chapel in Compton. This highly elaborate structure was built in 1896 by an artist, Mary Watts and many other people of the village. It is highly ornate inside and out, in what is said to be...

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Labyrinths in Ferring Beach, Canturbury and Kent

Ferring Beach Among my favourite labyrinths are ones drawn on the beach. Mandy and I ventured down to Ferring beach at evening low tide. I drew a classic labyrinth in the hard, ripple-patterned wet sand. We walked it. I wandered in to the water which was...

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Labyrinths in England

Back in England, exploring labyrinths in Bath and Sussex Bath The first labyrinth that I hunted down on my return to England was at the top of Solsbury Hill near Batheaston. As with most of the labyrinths so far, I found it difficult to locate. All I knew...

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Labyrinths in Cork

From Kenmare I journeyed to Cork via a labyrinth at Hagal Holistic Farm near Bantry. I got well and truly lost on the ‘road over the mountain’ between there and Cork. Drizzly afternoon, no signs of human habitation, T junction with no road signs and no GPS...

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Labyrinths in Sligo, Gort and Abbeyfeale, Ireland

Sligo The first labyrinth I walked in Ireland was a Triple Spiral one mown into the grass on the property of Moya McGinley in Drumkeeran, Co Leitrim. We spent most of the day nourished by Moya’s hospitality (and food) and talking about her work as a...

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Tour of Labyrinths in Gotland

Journey to Gotland's Labyrinths From London we went on to Gotland, an island off Sweden with a medieval town called Visby which was an important trading port in the Baltic Sea since the time of the Vikings. The island in summer is covered with yellow fields, red...

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Labyrinths in London

n London I met up with a fellow labyrinth facilitator who was travelling to Gotland, Sweden as well as Ireland with me. Because of recovery from surgery and the time frame within which I had to pack up my life if I was going to get to Chartres by mid May she had done...

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Labyrinths in Cornwall

Journey through Cornwall As I drove toward the town a heavy fog came in from the sea. A very appropriate atmosphere as I intended to also  visit the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic . The roads in Cornwall are scarily narrow and lined by hedgrerows which are filled with...

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Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, France We had the privilege of visiting the crypt at night under the guidance of a local man who led us through by the light of single candles that we each held. He had a deep and resonant singing voice which brought to life the echoes...

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First Labyrinth Walk of my 2017 World Tour

On May 6, World Labyrinth Day (WLD), a group of friends and I gathered on the land of good friends of mine, Wol and Jo, at Austinmer to launch my 365 labyrinths pilgrimage. WLD is held on the first Saturday of May every year and is an invitation to people around the...

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