Welcome to my Labyrinths Pilgrimage

Hello. Thank your for visiting Labyrinths for Life. My name is Dr Margaret Rainbird. In 2017, I’m setting off on a personal quest to walk a different labyrinth every day for all 365 days!!!

For those of you who don’t know already, a labyrinth is a path for walking for meditation. Unlike a maze, its intention is not to present you with a puzzle to be solved. Although a labyrinth often looks complex and convoluted it has only one path in to the centre and out again. Rather than end up frazzled and frustrated like we may exploring a maze with a labyrinth we have the potential to leave the experience more settled. It can provide a respite from the constant demands of our modern life.

Travel with my on my journey!

Blue Labyrinth Retreat

Auckland Labyrinth Exploration

Colorado Labyrinth Tour

Nevada Trek



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How can labyrinths help us heal?

During my labyrinth facilitator training in 2010, the teacher shared with me the perception that I have ‘porous boundaries’ at times and take on more than I need to or have to. She asked me if I had ever experienced burnout in my work (more than once) and we talked...

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Do you know how to walk a labyrinth?

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. You make a decision to enter then if you follow your feet you will find your way to the centre and back out again. We generally have the concept of letting go of something on the way in (stress, anxiety, old...

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Who invented the Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is being revived worldwide as a tool for meditation and healing. It can be walked by an individual or a group. It can be approached with reverence and solemnity, with joy and exuberance, with trepidation or liberation. In some walks it’s all of the above...

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